In mid-August, pet industry professionals from all corners of the globe flocked to Las Vegas — not for gambling, but for SUPERZOO 2023.

Hosted by the World Pet Association (WPA), an association that seeks to promote good husbandry throughout the pet industry, SUPERZOO featured an inside look on the latest innovations and trends, informative educational sessions, grooming competitions and much more.

In addition to a dazzling show floor, this year’s tradeshow also offered a litany of networking opportunities for industry professionals — something that is imperative to SUPERZOO’s success, according to Vic Mason, president of the WPA.

In this latest episode of More Than Kibble, Mason talks with Jordan Tyler, digital media editor of Pet Food Processing, on the success of SUPERZOO 2023 and the opportunities it provides members of the pet and pet food industries.

“We talked about networking being one of the important things [at SUPERZOO] and that’s why we have our Beach Party, where we get close to 2,500 people to come together and communicate,” Mason shared. “That’s where really all the business happens. It doesn’t happen at the time of the sale, it’s all the other time that makes those things happen.”


Show notes

00:36 — Introducing Vic Mason

01:31 — What is the World Pet Association?

02:22 — The scoop on SUPERZOO 2023

03:47 — Trends seen across the show floor

05:10 — Supporting emerging pet industry players

07:07 — Mason’s predictions about the pet sector’s future

08:28 — What to expect for SUPERZOO 2024

10:04 — Where to find more information about SUPERZOO and WPA


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