MASCOUCHE, QUÉBEC — Legault Group, parent company of pet food and supplies retailers Mondou and Ren’s Pets, announced the construction of a new, state-of-the-art automated warehouse and distribution center in Mascouche. The facility represents a $90 million-plus investment and will help Mondou support its customers.

Groupe Montoni, a leading real estate developer in Québec, is heading the project. The facility will span nearly 400,000 square feet and will adhere to strict sustainability practices, meeting criteria for LEED Silver certification. The facility will be part of the CentrOparc business district.

Montoni will head the construction of Mondou's new facilitySource: Groupe Montoni

“Montoni is happy to be contributing to the success of a proudly local company, and to be playing an active role in the economic development of the Lanaudière region with the completion of the CentrOparc in Mascouche,” said Dario Montoni, president of Groupe Montoni. “We are particularly proud of our success in creating a dynamic ecosystem that has helped create more than 700 jobs locally, with the likes of St-Hubert, Desjardins, EEGT, Buanderie Blanchelle, Jacmar, EMJ, Ménagez-vous, Bicycles Quilicot and now Mondou setting up operations there.”

The new center will include office spaces geared toward accessibility, health and employee safety, and will be equipped with a dog park. It will also include automated warehousing and distribution space.

“On my behalf and that of City Council, I salute this major investment in the CentrOparc by Montoni and Legault Group,” said Guillaume Tremblay, mayor of Mascouche. “We are proud to welcome Mondou, a flagship Québec business that has chosen to further its growth on our territory. Ultimately, this new project will be a record investment for the City of Mascouche, in addition to completing the third and final phase of our business park. In addition to creating hundreds of jobs, this project will generate new municipal revenue that will benefit the entire community.”

The facility will include leading-edge technology, automated order processing systems and smart inventory management to allow it to respond quickly and more efficiently to Mondou’s customers’ needs.

“This state-of-the-art automated center will ensure the development of our distribution capacity in the decades to come,” said Marie-France Legault, co-owner and director of corporate affairs, Legault Group. “With automated systems providing a robust operational infrastructure, we will be in a position to achieve our ambitions while improving our employees’ well-being and their workplace, ensuring that it is optimal both for supplying Mondou stores and satisfying customers who prefer to shop online.”

The facility is expected to be operational by 2025.

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