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Financial Advisor Marketing Plan

Want more clients???

  • Are you earning the income you want from your practice?
  • Want to learn new strategies to stand out in a crowded marketplace?
  • Ready to discover marketing secrets to more revenue?

You've come to the right place. We have created a marketing plan course and training program for financial advisors that is your ticket to a better financial advisory practice.

This breakthrough Marketing Plan E-Course for financial advisors will give you a step by step comprehensive process to create a marketing strategy that will help you coach yourself to find new clients, and bring in new assets under management so that you can put your practice on autopilot.  Created by Suzanne Muusers, financial advisor coach, each week's lesson contains key secrets Suzanne has learned from coaching top producing financial advisors since 2004.

WHO should purchase this Marketing Plan?

  • You're not quite ready to hire a coach but you are ready to kick your practice into high gear.
  • You work well on your own and are able to hold yourself accountable to the actions provided in each course.
  • You are determined to be successful but don't have much of a business development budget right now.

Want affluent clients?

Check out my 9 week course!

Imagine your life with more clients…

What would your ideal day look like if you had all the wealthy clients you want?  Would it look something like this? Go to the coffee shop and drink coffee while reading the Wall Street Journal.  Say hi to a few friends and clients. Go to the office where your assistant reminds you of your client meetings that day. Catch up on phone calls.  Have lunch with an A client in a charming bistro. Back to the office to meet with one or two A clients. Head home where your spouse has prepared wine and cheese on the patio overlooking your beautifully landscaped backyard.

If you're asking yourself the following questions, then this Marketing Plan is for you:

  • How do I get new clients?
  • How can I create a new marketing strategy so that clients come to me?
  • How can I brand my practice so that I stand out from my competition?
  • How can I learn to leverage my time so that I can leave the office early?

This course is easy to follow, utilizes proven techniques, and offers a step by step guide to creating your ideal practice that will give you the time and income you've been seeking.

Are you an advisor lone ranger without marketing support?

With this course you will finally find the strategies and key techniques you need to fill your practice and put it on auto pilot.

What you'll learn:

  • Where you need to start if you want a high revenue practice
  • The magical number of clients you need (BTW - it's not what you think)
  • How many prospects you need in your pipeline
  • How many new clients you need monthly and yearly
  • Assets under management you need to reach for
  • Optimum age of clients you should be targeting
  • Ideas you can implement today to bring in new assets under management
  • What percentage of your time should be spent meeting with clients and prospects
  • Where 80% of your income will come from
  • The richest markets to target
  • The most underserved markets to target
  • Specific action steps to take to target a particular market
  • What types of clients you should turn away
  • How to spot an Ideal Client
  • Specific steps to duplicate your Ideal Clients
  • How to get more assets from existing clients
  • How to reach for money in motion
  • The minimum fees clients should be generating for you to be profitable
  • One catchy marketing strategy that can position you uniquely in the marketplace
  • How to manage your client relationships effortlessly
  • How long it takes to build a million-dollar practice
  • Asset minimums you need to be successful based on years in the business
  • Daily actions you need to take to be financially successful
  • 50 examples of financial advisor taglines
  • Steps to take to create a referral strategy that runs effortlessly
  • What you need to do to re-position your practice
  • The amount of time you should spend marketing
  • Marketing tactics that work and those that don't
  • How to create a 30 second commercial or elevator pitch that will send clients to your door in droves

What if there were a way to get all the clients you want?

There is a way! Learn from a coach who has worked with advisors day in and day out since 2004. She has learned what works and what doesn't. She knows the short cuts and the ins and outs. This course has exactly what you need to leverage your time and talents to create the practice you've dreamed of for years.

What is the cost for this Marketing Plan E-Course?

Don't wait any longer to create your ideal practice

  • This Marketing Plan Training Program has everything you need to be successful. If you continue doing what you're currently doing, you will get exactly what you have now.
  • What price can you put on cutting out years and years of needless action and activity when you can get all the good stuff directly from the horse's mouth?

So take action today! Say "yes" to this offer.

What will YOU GET out of using this Marketing Plan Course?

  • Learn how can you "live your dream" through a big vision
  • Create Million Dollar Goals that will grow your business
  • Learn how successful people get it all done
  • Re-work your brain to be more efficient with your time
  • Learn how to focus on money making tasks
  • Build a highly successful PRACTICE that supports you in living a good life
  • Create marketing activities that are focused and don't waste your time
  • Study the many EXAMPLES provided to learn the secrets wealthy financial advisors owners already know

WHAT'S included in this Marketing Plan?

Everything you need to create your dream FINANCIAL ADVISORY PRACTICE

One lesson per week every week for ten weeks starting with your first lesson today after you have paid for your course.

This is what you get:

Visioning - Setting Up Your Ideal Financial Advisory Practice

What will your ideal practice look like in 5 to 10 years? What are your business values? What is your Mission Statement?

Million Dollar Goals For Financial Advisors - What Do You Want To Achieve?

Make big goals like - Achieve 100 million in assets under management within 7 years - We will work on creating big detailed goals that go deeper than the surface.

Routines of Top Producers - How Are You Spending Your Time?

Top Producers didn't get to the top by accident. They have routines that allow them to get things done. You will work on implementing top producer routines into your practice.

The 150 Rule - Categorize Your Clients and Then Create a Client Service Matrix

You will create a spreadsheet showing your A, B, and C clients, investible assets, income, and occupation. Then you will create a Client Service Matrix. Wealth managers maintain contact with their best clients 15.4 times per year. How often do you contact your clients?

Niche Marketing - The Ultimate Effortless Marketing Tactic

You will learn how to identify up to three profitable niche markets and how to tell the difference between affluent clients and wealthy clients.

Creating Your Ideal Client Profile - Understand Your Ideal Clients

Who do you market to? We will zero in on your ideal client, where to find them, and define their needs.  Once you do that, you will have a solid foundation to plan your marketing efforts.

Ideal Client Interview Form - How to Duplicate Ideal Clients

Now it's time to interview your ideal clients and ask for referrals to new clients. This form will give you the step by step details on how to go about this process.

Training Your Clients to Send You Referrals

Sixty-five percent of wealth managers with an average annual income of $881,000 request referrals regularly. How often do you ask for referrals?

How Advisors Can Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace

What do you do best? What is your unique strategic position? What strategies will make your unique qualities stand out?
Additional resources: Financial Planner Taglines, How to Write Your 30 Second Commercial

Marketing Guide: Marketing Tactics for Your Financial Advisory Practice

The financial services industry has changed enormously over the last twenty years. What worked in the nineties doesn't necessarily work now. Here's where we decide the marketing tactics or activities you will focus on.
Additional resources: Sample Speaker Evaluation Form


At the end of the E-Course you will automatically receive a link to download FOUR financial Advisor Business Plans based on 4 different business models.

• BONUS ** 4 sample financial advisor business plans with various business models
• BONUS - Sample - Financial Advisor - Wealth Management Business Plan/Marketing Plan example
• BONUS - Sample - Financial Advisor- Registered Investment Advisor Business Plan/Marketing Plan example
• BONUS - Sample - Financial Advisor- Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) Business Plan/Marketing Plan example
• BONUS - Sample - Financial Advisor- Registered Representative Business Plan/Marketing Plan example


You'll get these tools to help you implement your Marketing Plan:

• BONUS  - Marketing Activities Idea Bank - loaded with additional marketing ideas to build your financial advisory practice
• BONUS  - Marketing Calendar Spreadsheet - enter all your marketing tactics into the color-coded excel calendar to plan your activities efficiently
• BONUS  - Marketing Return On Investment Spreadsheet - measure your marketing results to determine what you should do more of and what you should let go

What happens after I click on the Purchase Now link?

  • You will go to a secure shopping cart page on our secure server where you will enter your credit card information.
  • After paying, you will be directed to the Thank You Page.
  • Check your email for the first lesson.
  • You will receive one emailed lesson per week, for 10 weeks starting on the day that you purchase the course. 


Contact Us

What do I need to know about a Marketing Plan E-Course?

  • An E-Course is a series of self study lessons automatically delivered to your email inbox.
  • You will receive one emailed lesson per week, for the duration of the course starting on the day that you purchase the course. 
  • Each course is designed so that you work on one area of your business and marketing plan each week.
  • You have one week to complete the Action Items until your next lesson arrives in your inbox.


  • Please use your primary or personal email address to ensure timely delivery of each lesson. Corporate email addresses have a tendency to catch lessons in their spam filters before they ever reach your inbox.
  • Once you purchase the course you will be automatically subscribed to a series of weekly lessons. 
  • Please add "Prosperity Coaching LLC" and "Suzanne Muusers" to your list of "safe senders" or your "white list" to ensure you receive your lesson each week.
  • If you do not receive your lesson, look in your spam or junk mail folder.
  • The course is best viewed using HTML – which allows special formatting such as bolding certain words, making titles larger etc. If you have MS Outlook you will be able to view the course with formatted text. If your email service uses "plain text" to present your emails, you may want to consider switching to a service or program that allows you to view emails using HTML.
  • Print out each lesson as they arrive.
  • Work on the current lesson until the next lesson arrives one week later.
  • Save each lesson in a special folder on your computer.

What if I need help with my marketing strategies?

Suzanne is available to consult for a fee with you if you need additional assistance. Suzanne will also credit your course fee if you decide to hire her as your coach.

My Personal Guarantee!

If you're not completely satisfied with the Marketing Plan E-Course after completing the course and using the tools — I'll return your money!

I'm 100% confident that my package will be the absolute best, most complete and most useful system to create a thriving financial advisory business that attracts high net worth clients.

More than that, I'm confident that if you employ all the techniques and resources I share with you, you'll gain a noticeable amount of new business over the next year and beyond.

So if the system isn't everything you were expecting, and all my tips and resources don't produce the results you were looking for, just ask me for a refund within three months of your purchase.

No reason needed. No questions asked.

Bonus Reason to purchase today! You are purchasing this program to improve your business, therefore your purchase is 100% tax deductible. That makes this an even better deal -- you really can't lose!

That's my promise.
Suzanne Muusers

Business Coach
Prosperity Coaching LLC

Suzanne Muusers

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